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In 2012 David was commissioned by the Royal Society for the Arts (RSA), to lead a programme called Tomorrow’s Investor. Its conclusions suggested a big gap between what people wanted from the financial system, and what today’s structures are delivering1.

Since that time “The Purpose of Finance” has been a leitmotif of David’s work. It is the key topic in his book “What They Do With Your Money“. Purpose is not a lens through which the industry has historically been studied. He has therefore lead and commissioned research on this topic and he has introduced business school courses on the subject at London Business School and Cambridge University.

Working with Dr Harinder Mann, he has also advocated for reform in two particular areas. First, that the costs that investment managers charge should be made known to their customers. Second, that a well regulated system of collective saving, was the most effective for providing pensions, and should be allowed in the UK, without requiring the costly guarantees.

Following the Financial Crisis of 2008, he was also asked to contribute to inquiries into the banking, accountancy standards and other issues.

Further details of this work can be found below

Details of this project can be found at https://www.thersa.org/action-and-research/rsa-projects/economy-enterprise-manufacturing-folder/pensions

See for example the work he has led sponsored by the Pensions Insurance Corporation. https://www.pensioncorporation.com/thought-leadership/the-purpose-of-finance/


  1. Details of the project can be found here []

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